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Fear Games - A behavioural test

The world has been gripped by fear and doubt, rooted in their fear of the future, and that has allowed for faction formation. Fractured by our fears of the future, A fear of the unknown rooted in uncertain and it is uncertainty that sets the stage to frame perceptions, guide responses, and stimulate expressions.

The first faction is the Blind Believers. Their fear of the future grips them with uncertainty and they do not see themselves as proprietors of their own resolutions, rather, they demand and wait for a third party to intervene with a ready-made result by way of a perceived authoritative body. Uncertainty and fear drove them to accept medical staff to inject them with an unknow substance, to quench these fears.

What needs to explained is my use of the concept Authority. Authority can be a doctor, politician, celebrity. An authority is little more than someone who can willing get people to act upon request. From consumption to therapies these are the people who the public puts their trusts in. The reasoning behind this trust escapes the scope and breath of this peice.

The second faction, they are in complete opposition. I refer to them as the Destiny Definers. They wear their question and doubt like a sword and shield. They are on guard and will not accept claim without exhaustive review. Unlike the Blind Believers reception to authority, this faction uncertainty and fears leads them to an oppositional position until a consensus is reached.

The Destiny Definers are a stronger community simply on their lack of blind belief. Let’s not get confused though, they both come with risk and liability. The BB do as they are told, where as, DD wants to be informed. This pursuit of insight sets many up to become victim of a labyrinth, lost in detail and trapped by endless deduction.

Was it necessary to try to understand the complexities of a virus and a vaccine or did one just need to know the basic principles of scientific standards and legal rights?

The other factions are driven by and holds to doubt and independent thought. Standing strong, armed with questions, and shielded with a critical eye and mind.

Now the narrative shifts like a buyer’s market to a seller and no one bats and eye or asks any questions. Instead, they see this narrative shift as a tribal victory, when it is those same authority just changing the marketed message.

Why would the people who have spent the last 3 years telling you that you’re going to die and kill others without a therapy are now telling you that the therapy was a failure and presenting the effect. Might it be to manipulate the publics affect.

Now remember the two factions, it is the BB who have the greatest fear of the future and require third party intervention for resolution. Ironic, how the narrative is once again playing into their fears and offering images of the risk and liabilities of their own choices.

I ask you to take a moment and consider if you will. What your thoughts are on those collecting subsidies. I bet your initial response is negative with an underpinning of slightly hostile by seeing the give and take relationship amongst being skewed. You work hard and contribute while others just take and fair enough.

This is a common point of view and I’m sure polls would validate it. Now I ask how would you feel about yourself if you were forced into that position? That negative and slightly hostile perspective would be turned onto self. What I am discussing is an internal personal state. How might you feel and realize yourself in a public sphere with the assumptions of what the other might be thinking?

A rather unsettling feeling isn’t it. Now how might you take the masses and through technological advancement push them into such a state of mind and being, on both a private and social level?

Do you think adversity or complication would allow you and many others to accept such a reality? The notion of a disability is rooted in restriction and when labelled such acts as an acceptance of limited access. You are disabled so there for you cannot do something or other.

Now think of the utility and the factions whose strings are being pulled like a puppet. Their fears and uncertainty had them seeing now symptoms as a symptom of an illness. So why wouldn’t these same people also accept being categorized as disabled and restrictive.

Now what might the utility be in the narrative shift from you’re going to die and kill others to we may have poisoned you and killed you. As stated, above acceptance of a lifestyle that is otherwise shun and ridiculed, acceptance by self and public.

This is a very complex social change that is so incredibly difficult to achieve, as it is dependent on so many factors on so many levels. Kust considers the population density of the BB faction. Is it enough to sign us into a new social contract? Does it have a strong enough presence to take our voices away and using their owns for us?

If yes is the answer to any of these questions, we are about to be signed into a new social contract and the fearful will sign us all into it based of their uncertainty.

The narrative shift is not a victory of the opposition but rather a transition from one stage to the next. The oppositions position, perspective, responses, and expressions are know and calculated for and is part of the strategy.

Sociologically speaking, it is statistically validated that one third of a given population will stand in opposition to any and all decisions being made. So the opposition is key to the success of the strategy.

Remember, For complex social change to take place, it must be seen as coming by and for the people. Anything else is met with skepticism and hostility. This is why I call this the biggest bait and switch ever played. We are all against self with the belief we are against the other.

If people only new who was behind the creation of Universal Basic Income, I think many would see it differently. That will be something we will be discussing soon.

Thank you for joining me and please share this insight with friends and family.

This peice was inspired by this video

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