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Every time something self destructive is presented it always seems to lead back to him

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

This process of legalizing hard drugs has been passed in Portugal. What I find interesting is that nations that have the Aga Khan as a benefactor, influencer, and master are taking this step towards turning their people into dope fens. Portugal allowed his headquarters in their nation and next was the drugs. Is it not interesting, that western democratic nations rooted in Christianity are being pushed by a foreign Shia Islamic leader who's power and control are realized through heredity is pushing us into the legalization of hard drugs and by extension the destruction of people and self.

How does this differentiate from colonial strategies of yesterday? It doesn't. We need to end hereditary control and remove all those who conform and identify with it. It is poisoning our well to transitioning us into enslavement. We have proven to be a nation of philosophical zombies so I guess dope fen complete the expected mental image.

This piece was inspired by this article

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