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Engineered Displacement

Syria was an engineered displacement strategy in order to relocate peoples in the name of conflict.

To think Syria was a civil war that started out with Sunni Muslims creating social unrest because the elected leader did not share their secular position in Islam. So a Shia, Sunni conflict occurred rooted in religious position of elected leader and the worlds response is to import Shia members. They where winning the civil war, so why were they distributed around the world.

The reason for this is due to the fact that during the Syrian conflict it didn't matter what Islamic sect you were part of as Islam at the time was working together under the banner of the Ummah, uniting Islam as a whole. So why would Islamic sects be fighting each other if they have been consolidated under this banner? As a whole they are pursuant of global religious dominance - they are instructed to work towards this end game by Muhammad. So again why would these sect go to war is they are unified? They didn't, they created conflict to relocate vast amounts of not only Muslims but Shia Muslims.

Shia is the hereditary sect. Where as Sunni is structured more like a republic. Are geopolitical relationship starting to make sense. Will western leaders push their nations and countrymen closer to a hereditary system. All that is need is a population density large enough to exploit democracy and infiltrate our system and erode our freedoms. Which brings us to today. I guess the first invasionary process wasn't dense enough to break our democracy so here we go again.

What I find most telling about this story and the likely hood of my claim is the fact that Afghanistan has been screaming for America to leave from their nation after spending two decades training them in paramilitary style policing and securities.

So the decades of train was in vain or this is a strategy with much greater consequences. We need to wake up because as we focus on yesterday tomorrow is passing us by unnoticed and with it a new colonial power.

It is all a matter of time before demographically we are conquered in our own land. Remember conquest comes in 3 stages. First, is infiltration. That was achieved well over a decade ago. Next is invasion. When were invasion redefined to not be included as an act of war. We are on our second battlefront now. The third and last is the battle. I fear for this.

We must consolidate and mobilize. Our survival is dependent on it.

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