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Election interference? They own our electoral process

The article linked below is titled: China's elections interference is the blaze that could devour Trudeau and his party.

Do you really think that is the case?

I have to ask because while organizations like CISIS and media along with all the fraudulent narrators online, want you to think China is or has interfered in our election.

In a democracy people understand demographics are King in so much that the largest active bodies make the decisions. What if I told you that the 2 largest active voting blocks in Canada is:

  1. Ismaili Muslims

  2. Chinese

Canadians are in position 5-7. Is it really your nation if outsiders dictate who leads it?

China is not interfering with the election they own our electoral process by way of population density. I have told you repeatedly that if we keep importing those with a master it is only a matter of time before their master become yours.

Both first and second largest voting blocks are groups that conform and identify with a master. Wonder why Islam is culturally conquering us and China is economically and politically doing the same.

Wake up and stop buy what these frauds keep selling you. Wake up because this is not about election interference this is about immigration and how it has become the new colonial methods.

Time for change and that change comes from us.

This piece was inspired by this article.

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