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Does our future king understand that it is the people who define his wealth?

Question to the monarch - if you don't stand with us than you must stand against. What makes you think your people will stand with you?

You have allowed for the Persian 4th Reich to seize our land, institution, and resource. Which has me contemplate if you too are in pursuit of hereditary control of the religious and secular authority?

I know this because his access to us, the commonwealth, is only achieved if the British parliamentary department of commonwealth relations signs off on it.

You should understand that wealth at your level is through the people and not the zero on a spread sheet of your bank account. So how is it, that the people are not your greatest investment?

If you stand shoulder-to-shoulder with us we would stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you. Remember, respect is earned not given. It is time for you to take a knee to the we and we are demanding the removal of civil society and by extension the Persian 4th Reich from our midst.

The war of attrition that has been placed on the domestic population for over 5 decades must meet its end and this end must be achieved through your voice and action.

You are the the most important generational monarch, as you are the dispensable King, You will not hold the thrown for a Jubilee and for the reason you have a very specific role - are you going to break or build 'your' people?

If we are broken William swoops in as the saviour and if we are built Williams furthers that drive. Either way the end result is we the people hands in air cheering the monarchs name; Charles or William. The is the pursuit is it not?

So I ask, are you going to take that knee to the we and start the rebuilding process. Not building back better, in a hereditary form bound to a voluntary fashion labour structure. Or, are you going to create upward mobility like we have never seen it before.

Drive us into a greatest beyond our imagination is something that is in your control. So I ask, are you removing all because the agenda failed or are you going to compel us into a new tomorrow where the divine pursuit pushes us past the stars?

Your move.

This piece was inspired by this article

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