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Do you really want to save Canada?

It starts with repatriating everyone and anyone who identifies with a master.

From religious to political, these are our enemies of ideology and the was of culture is complex and often times goes misunderstood and unrealized.

The West has proven to miss or misplace such an understanding and for this reason we can no longer carry the risk and liability of such persons.

Understand this is not about race, faith, or culture. This is about choice a choice these people claim to be seeking to escape yet they carry it with them everywhere they go.

Heed the warning, we cannot allow for the reintegration of such persons as it is nothing more than the wearing of different mask for a period of time. That time is dependent on opportunity to seek expansion once again.

It is time to rid our land to those who see a physical master as viable and probable.

This is step one to a long process of recover.

This piece was inspired by this article

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