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Displacement is the strategy. Transitioning democracy is the goal.

These conflicts from the Ukraine, to Syria, to Afghanistan, to now include Nicaragua are all engineered strategies of displacement being used to manipulate foreign democracies.

Take Canada for example. We have government bodies and media organizations claim the Chinese are interfering in our election. I ask, does a foreign leader have to intervein in a foreign election if his people represent a dominate portion of the 'active' population.

In a democracy demographics are king. Making the Chinese leader, technically the king of our election. Not only are these the people of a foreign leader but they are also people who conform and identify with a master.

So those 'active' demographics of the Chinese when applied in Canada makes them the deciding factor and not a process of interference. Adding to this complexity is that we as people are fractured on far more levels than demographics.

If demographics are king then and by extension that would make psychographics the queen. You can you call it interference on a technical level but in the end when did immigration stop being seen as a war strategy. I guess we are starting to we the rational of it once being seen as such.

Now unify these diverse group of people by way of a common goal consolidating them under a banner. It organizations like NGO's that have done just this, by using markets, marketing, and promotion they have accessed us culturally and redefined reality. Drawing more complex psychographic lines that fracture us on much deeper levels.

This is the Cultural marketing mix and we are now in a state of tribalism. Wanting not to see the whole develop into an enriched tomorrow. Now it is an 'us' versus 'them' and there can only be one winner leaving the loser.

Islam is a great example of the cultural marketing mix and the divide between Shia and Sunni. It is not that these people are different but that these categories facilitate an simplistic process to radicalize one against the other. Fractures into factions and all it takes is the emphasis on the line that divides allowing for it is be seen as a canyon.

That is the nature of all these conflicts. It is a process of importing people that are not only demographically different but are psychographic. What I find most interest in that those who are confronted with conflict are also those who has a master. We have been exhaustively importing those with a master.

Islam is unified under the Ummah and this Ummah has been institutionalized through the organization of Islamic cooperation. That would have radical Muslims being little more than actors for this organization. So Syria, and Afghanistan is a staged for camera. Smile for you closeup!

The Ukraine of the Ukraine. The communist money funnel. I know they are the land of freedom and are fighting for the world to be free. What a joke. There greatest export is sex workers. They internationally promoted sex tourism. So I have to ask would anyone consider the dynamic between a hooker and pimp to lend itself to the concept of freedom?

Also Ukraine and Russia are allies. Russian and Ukraine have signed off to a development program ran by the Persians. The cost is the faming industry in Ukraine. This revealing a very interesting thing that has taken place of the last 100 years. We have given control of fossil fuel energy sector to Sunni's. Now we are giving food and food securities to the Shia.

I think Putin said it the best when he described the fighters in the Syrian war as only being mercenaries willing to fight for whoever pays them. Here you have people, most time those who do not conform to a given society being shipped abroad like mercenaries.

Funding by domestic governments to wage a war of democracy. This war is not fought with bullets and bombs. Those are saved for development and cultural demolition. This war is fought at a voting booth with fracture and factions driving decision making.

This is a war strategy and it has been used for so long that now they have the dumb leading the blind clean off cliff.

Please wake up Canada and the rest of the world. If we fail to do so we will so have to look in the mirror and accept our grandchildren are slaves digging holes for monuments of leaders because of our ignorance and greed.

These assistance programs are our leaders buy private mercenary militaries. The private military is turning into the new international business and these engineered conflicts are the marketing to render their services.

This piece was inspired by this article

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