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Digital ID - restricting access in a universal system

We must not allow for such methods of profiling and segregation to be institutionalized in you society. Transitioning universal access into segregated restrictions. This is what Digital ID will institutionalize in any society that it is installed in.

To carry such information in you pocket is unsettling. The fact that a cheap cellphone can steal that information from your pocket is worrisome. The reality that anyone can access the most private information about you is deadly.

Just think about it from an application standpoint. Now your provincial healthcare ID, beyond medical records, would now store class and cultural data. So now your career, wealth, religion, ethnicity and gender because datasets that care be used to give restrict access.

This is segregation on a digital level and I hope people realize that this is the antithesis to the philosophy the defines the west and to a greater degree the Americas'.

Do we not as a society promote access and practice to all shapes and sizes of characters, ideologies and beliefs?

Might this be the institutional pressure needed to usher in complex social change rooted in the new world order. Keeping in mind the new order in a generational shift amongst world leaders.

Just consider for a moment. If you present a means to restriction access to any given demographic and/or psychographic is to commence an act of attrition. Reducing standards of living which will immediate eroding the subjective notions that define quality of life.

This is a form of tribalism; complex tribalism and a digital ID is that complex tool to institutionalize resource access and/or restrictions. With tribalism comes leadership so who is then becomes the authority making the decisions of this soon to tribalistic resource management?

That in and of itself is a means of conquest and power transitioning. We, as the people, are will to allow these leaders and aristocrats to stack risk and liability. With us taking on the debt or consequence when things turn south and fail.

This is an old strategy being applied with modern technology and we the people must apply the mechanism of pressure that are capable of drive complex social change rooted in our interests.

As it sit in the here and now our enemy appears to being applying these pressures institutionally and industrially in order to drive complex social change that is in their best interest but comes at a cost to us.

Where and why is there no mutual benefit. Resources are motivators and with a unified, consolidated, and mobilized society there is no limits. So why do we want to impose a means to create endless limits and restrictions simply on the basis of the authority being in a bad mood that day.

When did we start wanting the Bugermeister Meisterbuger to become our master? More important when did we becoming willing to allow authority to conduct targeted attacks.

This is war!

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