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Developing Bioweapons Fighting Aid

I want to start out by asking everyone to watch this video. Pay attention to the expression of symptoms. Different people seem to have difference physiological areas under attack. From long to limbs to even include energy level.

Now when one attempts to characterize a biological weapon they are met with images of conflict, death, and destruction. What if the weapons, when infection is achieved, expresses as complications.

More a matter of making matters difficult and not ceasing existence. I ask you to take a moment and consider what utility stem from a burdensome existence. Now relate to the social, political, and economic changes that have been demanded by the left.

Speaking of the left. I would like to introduce an old adage - nothing in life is free. Hoping that you took that moment of consideration. I assume you reached the intended conclusion of the demanded changes. That being socialism and in particular Universal Basic Income.

With everything comes a trade-off. Has anyone considered what such a trade-off might look like under UBI? Just image the global centralization of resources necessary to facilitate such a reality. Now I ask, this centralization of power and resources in order to render UBI. Would it not parallel a communist structure.

I think a side note is necessary for clarification. I just called this centralization process communism. We have heard from leftist protest call is democratic socialism. Before Karl Marx developed the notion of communism it was called monarch, emperor, lord... The labels are nothing more than brand making the same destructive reality more palatable. Allow for the Pied Piper to march the people into enslavement.

Back to this virus as a tool to transition society in many forms and fashions. So now that life has been introduced a alter adversity. The question is who is responsible. Accountability has already been conditioned within the minds, hearts and soon to be spirits of people.

Once a culprit is brought forth and placed under legal and social judgement. The people will react. What is the other leftist desired change that was presented in a repetitious presentation. Take a moment... is reparations coming to mind.

So now we have large sums of people who have been negatively effected by virus of vaccine; maybe even both. In they end they are hurting and the challenges of life have become unbearable. We have an accountable party. All that is left is reparation. Easing the burden. A burden that was done onto you by the other and not by self.

The psychological issues that arise when methods of self identification are removed appear to be addressed by this approach. Let think in a manner that frames stereotypes for a moment. When you think of a subsidized depended the descriptors that come to mind tend not to be flattering. Insulting maybe a better choice to illustrate them.

Now image if these descriptive label were to be directed inward towards the self. A plethora of psychological issue would than be stimulated. Now if you are a victim who's circumstances extend beyond one's control, would those descriptors no longer characterize the subsidized dependent.

A social and personal, game manipulating acceptance not only socially but by the self of and for self. This acceptance laying the foundations for the new social contract. Centralizing power and resource in the name of maintenance. This is where the cost comes to the surface.

It is this centralization process in the name of aid and aid alone, that will position a democratic socialism. The notion of a electoral vote carries much weight in the minds of the people. So following this centralization of global power and resources, which is the hard part. Working from the lessons learned you incrementally remove all forms and expressions of freedom.

Welcome to a global system of hereditary control. The concept of universal ownership died with social freedoms. Your new master has arrived. You may deny it at first, as you still have personal expression available at this moment to convey grievance. Like everything else is it only a matter of time.

I sum, ill intention has been presented as good will and it is this strategy that has acted as the blueprint driving this final stage of control; hereditary control of the religious and secular sectors. You will eat only when food is gifted to you as you now own nothing and are happy with it. You are happy because you know deep within you heart, body, and mind, you're not a slave, you're a volunteer.

The cost of not taking the time to understand an event in its principle form and for that we were not able to anticipate outcomes. Let alone anticipate with any form of readiness.

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