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Ukraine's future is to be controlled by a dictator or a master

How do you prefer to view it?

On the one hand Canada is defending Ukraine from the big bad wolf of dictatorship. That being Putin's Russia. While at the same time colonizing Ukraine through civil society, Or as Putin and I would refer to it as the Persian 4th Reich.

Civil society is not the pursuit of freedom and democracy but rather the pursuit of hereditary control of the religious and secular sectors. With a labour force rooted in volunteerism. I don't know about you but that sounds like enslavement to me.

it is interesting how lefts claims always seem to be in opposition to application. Like in the west and Canada, not America, is the headquarters of the woke world as ideology is rooted in the Global Centre for Pluralism. It claims to seek inclusion but in practise is fracture identity, culture and community into factions.

These factions are used as a trojan horse. Applying social and institutional pressures driving power and resources in divergent directions. Weakening the all by becoming the many. Once institution and resources have reached exhaustion it is only a matter of time before further aid is need.

In comes the 3rd party foreign interventionist. Aiding you through your problems and into a new colonial power. This is old tactics being used again. I guess you your fail to understand history you are bound to repeat it. Here we are repeating it.

So I ask all who is reading this. What is worse. To be ran by a dictator or controlled by a master?

The unsettling this is that Canada seems to have become the voice and actor for the Persian 4th Reich as it is the Persian 4th Reich that is the master of civil society and will soon be the master of Ukraine is Putin does not stop it.

This piece was inspired by this article

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