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Corruption & The Lose of Ethical Positioning

Disclaimer - I know all the facts are not in. Criminality and violence is not an age restricted act.

A lawyer is ethically bound to his/her client. A business is ethically bound to the pursuit of growth and revenue. A researcher is ethically bound to the truth. A civil servient is ethically bound to the people.

When this dynamic is throw off and balance is no longer a possible, ethics transition towards a focal pursuit of personal gains and corruption. I fear this 'maybe' one of those situations. An ill intended interventionalist seeking opportunity. Exploiting access and power to leverage person interests.

Looking at it from a behavioural standpoint there is something beyond what is being stated in this article. I only hope the truth comes to the surface. As the truth may offer leverage to a plethora of utility for the police the fix their ranking and reconnect with the public. That they hold the will and responsibility to protect.

It is the nature of the role and the responsibility that is carries that carry with it an innate respect for the badge and support those in blue. But those in expensive suits, blue, and the civilian attire, we must be honest, with self and other. The details are:

- On a warrant call

- One officer shot a 70 year old man 4 times.

- 1 in the neck and 3 in the chest.

- 3 other offers were present on the scene

- They're being labelled as witnesses.

That type of overkill by a single officer speaks to intent and its not looking good. Was the 70 year old with a warrant on PCP or something like it? Because a nonlethal targeting would have dropped him to the ground and kept him there. While the 3 officers restrain and contact EMS.

As I write this in the back of my mind I ask question - what criminal actions, by the deceased, could have lead to such a response? Criminal or not I am drawing a blank. Such actions could not be minimized if considering the effect of adrenaline associated with such a situation. I cannot frame this situation outside of it being an attack.

If my assumptions are correct I hope this investigation not only bring absolute justice to this situation but also may cause the police to take a moment for introspection. Looking inwards and asking who truly represents the defining characteristics of the badge you wear. I ask those in blue to not only look inward but to be honest with what they see.

Let good prevail over bad being achieve by and through justice. You wearing blue are the ones who make this a reality. You people are real world superhero's why would you let the ill intended taint that from within. Stand for and represent that which you ledged to do - protect the good from evil.

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