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Continue in the face of threats

So the western world see Russia threat of nuclear war as empty and meaningless?

As stated today by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, Russia sees the arming of Ukraine as a proxy war and as such they are threatening Nuclear catastrophe.

So either the threat carries no weight or the western world want such a calamity. I fear that I am leaning towards the latter. I ask what utility do you think exists stemming from a nuclear war?

Nuclear weapons destroy land and render it nonfunctional, That would be counterintuitive to any conquest strategy.

I know Ukraine's future rest on 2 forms of control. Is Russia is victorious they will be bound to a dictator. Any other outcome will signal a master with colonization achieved through civil society.

That is the new colonial power and militia of the Persian 4th Reich - civil society.

I will say if Russia is victorious it will make the western would much better and civil society has spent the last 4 decades disrupting and pressuring institutions and resources leading to a weakening of nation all over the globe. For colonial pursuits of course.

Why do we want to poke the bear? Why do we want to throw fuel on the fire? We are we increasing the risk and liability of so many civilians. This is not what a civil servants role is.

I guess it is when your leaders are controlled by the enemy. It is time we take back our society, its institutions, resources, history, heritage, and culture. Don't let anyone change you especially not the Persian 4th Reich through civil society. I do not see Russia as an allies as there are strong differences ideologically. Remember Russia was part of the defeat of the German Reich during WW2 and we didn't hold them as allies then either.

This piece was inspired by this article

Allies will move 'heaven and earth' to get arms to Ukraine: U.S. defence secretary ( Threat of nuclear war as a possibility Russia's Lavrov: Do not underestimate threat of nuclear war (

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