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Consultation by the enemy

So the Jihadi Lieutenant of the Persian 4th Reich was at the white house. I guess as the agenda is failing new directives are needed. The Khan family through their elaborate network of NGO's and not-for-profits, or as they call them civil society, must being there offer consultation.

I want people to realize that his present represents a reposition. This is merely a presentation of either another area of the fence for the raptors to hit or it is the means by which the companions of the Persian 4th Reich will fade into the shadows sustaining existence for tomorrow approach.

I encourage people to watch the expressions of interest group members. They are the great reveal as they are the companions of the Persian 4th Reich. They are their militia. Pressure society and institutions that may and can usher in complex social change. Be aware of your surroundings as the next plot point in the narrative is about to be expressed. Lets hope we are prepared with a readiness for whatever the Persian 4th Reich and their companions may throw at us.

Victory is just over the horizon. Lets buckle down and stand with conviction and intent.

To all patriots till than,

John Adams

This piece was inspired by this video

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