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Complex change is just over the horizon.

Someone once asked me if I think people can and will respond to logical explanations. He believed that it took people living within a given event for them to understand it.

Get ready because complex social change is just over the horizon and that level of comprehension is coming quick. Those who have even a basic understanding or assumption of what is to come has to accept that the Pied Piper played the naïve amongst us and now it is the empathy that is marching us into a whole new world.

It should be fun for about 2 decades. The deal is if we give them what they want (hereditary control) we will get what we want (quality of life [subjective]). Than the next generation will be forced to start digging the holes for the metaphorical monuments. Slogans and trends marry well to ignorance and greed.

Universal basic income is the new social contract. When a society receives it, it is because they have render land and resources to an elite class. You now have a master.

Banking is about to transition into slave finance with the usury turning into the non-usury and this highlights the point made in the image posted. The loud screamed and claimed usury banking was slave banking. They have the many marching into actual slave banking.

Non-usury has you the person put up as the asset against a loan. So if you default even by a single payment you the 'asset' and applied in a functional manner as a form of debt recovery.

Amazing how the information age has left so many uninformed or at least will to listen to the Pied Pipers tune.

Take a knee you master will soon be arriving. If you would have only listened because the resolution is much easier than you think it just demands a population density large enough and loud enough to pressure industry and institution in change.

This piece was inspired by this posting on Facebook by Haley Wile

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