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Colonized by Civil Society

Is it common for companion nations who share mutual goals and master to go to war? It is common if you are using war to usher in a new national era.

This is not a war, this is development process. Ukrainian leadership, Russian leadership and even Canadian leadership all share the Aga Khan as their master and the mutual goal is the national implementation of civil society.

Civil society is a volunteer based society. From the statements made by the Aga Khan, civil society, includes all occupations. From professional to include basic labour markets. This is what the war in Ukraine is the transitioning process of the people.

As I have said in the past, the lesson we should take away from the Syrian conflict, is the means by which history, heritage, and culture can be redefined without any response by its members; war. We watched one of the oldest nations be turned into ash and not a single person discussed the lose of those 3 identifiers.

Here we are, now the Ukraine transitioning not only in history, heritage, and culture. They will soon become a slave nation under the banner of civil society. We have to wonder is it war that will enslave the people without a response.

This is a prototype. Reveal how civil society and its network of NGO's and not-for-profit will be institutionalized into other western nations. Revealing the means and methods of obtainment. Along with the consequence and the procedures to minimize risk and liability.

Ukraine is not in war. Ukraine is going through a development stage. Transitioning from a free society to absolute enslavement. As always the Persian 4th Reich is at the helm of national, social, and economic destruction. Klaus Schwab is the scapegoat and George Soros is the lapdog working towards the goals of the Aga Khan.

That being hereditary control of the religious and secular authority, based on a volunteer labour market. I have to ask does this sound any different from a transitional monarch. It is funny how the masters have used branding as the Pied Piper marching us into our own self destruction.

Just remember, you're not a slave. You're a volunteer, If we don't wake up this will be our future. For those who think this can't happen to me. Get ready to take a knee your new master is soon to arrive and this master is Shia Muslim.

Do the masks and pandemic making sense. Just another incremental process conditioning into a culture that is in opposition of our own. Get your Burqa's ready.

This piece was inspired by this article.

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