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Closing the relationship after a failed agenda

As an organization you and your many partners setout of a journey. A journey that has never been attempted in our recorded history. That journey is global hereditary control of the religious and secular authority.

One cannot take on the wold as a whole so companionships must be made and opponents must be weakened. From the standpoint of axes and allies who sits on which side of the column?

First and foremost, global system of control. The enemy domestic populations. Allies would be any interest group. As such communities possess members who conform and identify as standing outside of the overarching common culture.

This outsider mentality covers a vast spectrum of perspective that include both organic and engineered concepts of the self. On a superficial level there is race and gender. On a more substantive level their is ideologies and dogmatism. Either way they are brought together on the bases of not being like or being oppressed by another.

The Metis are an interesting group that reveals how identification and obligation come at a social cost. A cost not endured by leaders but are placed onto the people. It is not till recently that the Metis were considered a true indigenous tribe. For reason that elude the scope and range of this discussion.

As social pressure and tribalism arouse in our regions, nation, communities, the Metis gained the title of true indigenous. With this title, perspective, culture and behavioural was expressed at a feverish pace. This aligning the Metis with the Inuit in both interest and intent. I hope most realize this interest and intent is rooted in decolonizing or partitioning Canada and creating a sovereign state of their own.

This pursuit of sovereignty is shared by the Sikhs in the Punjab region in Pakistan. Might this speak to the NDP's commitment to the indigenous. The Sikhs seeing Canada as the next option for their failed attempts in India. With the world transiting into a New World Order. The NWO is a generation shift within world and industry leaders. Many of which hold hereditary control of religious and secular authority and are seeking to ensure it on a global scale. It is for us to ensure this doesn't occur for the sake of future generations upward mobility.

Groups like the Metis are a great example of how exploitation for and by the interventionists take place. Their identity has not had time to mature within members nor by other communities. For this the interest and intentions must be expressed with the fever mentioned above. This thrust for cultural identification allows for the ill intended to pander to ones need for resources by paying for one's ignorance.

This pandering and paying often leads. Allows for a new colonial power to have groups like the indigenous believe that they are working towards the decolonization of the white devil. When in actuality you are being colonized by another.

Misinformed and lost in the details, interest group communities have been working diligently in pursuit what is believed as there own goals but in actuality it is the goals of your new master; your creditor. You community leaders have sold your souls to the devil in the name personal gains.

After years of failed attempts to illicit of response by your perceived enemy. You have options. Do you continue to beat a dead horse or do you retreat and rebrand, only to resurface in a couple of decades. This necessity of a response should have made you question efforts and maybe it did.

Now the narrative is crumbling and the NWO pursuit of hereditary control is fleeting. This is evident in the extensive rebranding taking place all around us. With the failure comes to breakdown of the axes and allies.

The indigenous like all other interest group communities must recalibrate and rebrand. Yesterday when agenda's failed due to companions failings. The companions were take out to pasture. Now they receive financial compensation nondisclosure agreements. This is what we are watching a failed group with their handlers, the Catholic church, closing the relationship. They also are taking on a role of accountability in order to establish a rebranding strategy. That being the victim,

I say this as the only group that the Metis were victim to is the French. Yet we never hear about those tales of history, heritage and culture. The reason we don't hear them is become they are no victim but rather a contractors within this cultural competition that is being used is usher in complex social change.

This complex social change is not about decolonizing but rather recolonizing. Ignorance and greed is the means that our friends, families, and neighbors have been fracture into factions in opposition to us.

Let solve our issues at the root. Lets remove the interventionists that are turning us against ourselves by fracturing us into smaller and smaller factions.

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