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Clean energy, an act of treason against America

This is too all American Patriots.

Clean energy, which isn't clean at all, is an act of treason and the stakeholders along with their marketers should by tried in court for their crimes.

America currency is not a fiat but is backed by oil and for good reason. Gold versus oil and why is the latter a more viable option for wealth obtainment in a growing population.

Just consider the resources needed to extract each, from time to machinery, to labour, and capital. Now consider distribution of the resources and all that is created from it as a raw component.

Oil generates far more wealth that can be redistributed making the printing of money's possible. I know I am bastardizing a very complex process of evaluation but I think my point is clear.

The world is proving my point with the likes of Europe and China seeking to claims the Petrodollar. This is why conflict is erupting all over the world.

The East is building strength through cooperation that is pooling resources to form the BRICS international financial lender. This ushering a unified and synergist plot to claim the Petrodollar and the western leftist are cheering it on.

Now with America hold control by why of the Petrodollar, any act to disrupt that is an act of treason. To disrupt the oil markets and American dominance is a conveyance of interest and intent to disrupt and even destroy the American currency and by extension the economy at large.

America being a capitalist nation whose power is drawn from economic supremacy would mean an effort to disrupt it economically is a national threat and should be seen as such.

This is war tactics and oddly enough the enemy has the people cheering for their own destruction. Who now is at the helm of institution and industry as they are the drivers of influence and identity.

This is the failure of the people and the inability to equate outcomes; cause and effect. I leave you with this. If you fail to understand occurrence or event in its principle form, you ability to anticipate outcomes is hindered.

Lets start sharing principle understanding to that we can reclaim that which is ours.

This peice was inspired by this video

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