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Claim versus accusation - where is the investigation

The title of the article linked below is: Trudeau, not wanting to provoke India but wants answers over murder.

When you have claim and not proof that is a tool to manipulate the courts of public opinion. Where is the evidence drawn from an investigation?

I would say provocation is exactly what Trudeau is seeking, especially considering his last trip to India was an complete failure. So is that how it works, you don't pander to the Persian 4th Reich and you claimed to be an assassin?

This community with a murdered member is a recognized as a terrorist group seeking to partition a nation and create their own known as Khalistan. The irony is the fact that this claim stems from a failed trip.

To Canadians, why do you think they are positioning themselves in Canada, a nation of kindness. I guess our kindness is being seen as a weakness and we are soft enough for them to achieve their failed asperation from India.

Why are we willing to take on such risk and liability. What gains have these politicians made with the establish of such risk and liabilities? What do Canadians think they are plotting against us?

We let the Persian 4th Reich take control of our educational system and now Canadians hate self, history, and heritage. Sounds like a foreign military strategy.

Wake up before we lose vast areas of land and are partition into a collection of nation rooted in interest group community identities.

The Persian 4th Reich owns woke culture through the funding of these interest groups for the last 5 decades and the Khalistan Sikhs are one of those groups.

Remember this partition of a nation was achieved in India by the Persian 4th Reich and the use of religious conversion under the guise of betterment and the expression of hostility and aggression in pursuit of the believed betterment.

Here we go again and Canada is his new target. He has taken control of our foods with supply management. He has taken control of our resources through management. He has taken control of our institutions through management.

The Persian 4th Reich is managing our nation into a new colonial era and Trudeau and interest group like Khalistan Sikhs are his war chest and we as Canada are funding this war effort of the Persian 4th Reich. Here is a link that speaks to such efforts and how funding is being realized.

This peice was inspired by this video

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