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Civil Society, the new age colonial militia

Civil Society, always the victim but never the victor. What I am referring to is far deeper than the superficial. Civil Society member choose to identify as a victim in every possible scenario. Victory is realized when their victim is accepted by the other.

Considering that I have to ask. If the nation and the church too accountability and responsibility twice in the 90's and now but a few week ago. Now you want and international organization to run an investigation so that they can take accountability for the fourth time.

How about your civil society members start hold your history, heritage, and culture with pride and respect. As it sit right now it value is limited to a blackmail oriented revenue stream. I call it a stupid tax because only a fool would want o reconcile with a community that demands segregation.

Thankful your master is the Persian 4th Reich through the civil society network and our leader is a Jihadi Lieutenant of the Persian 4trh Reich. That way you as a segregated community that does not contribute has an opportunity to pressure our institutions and community based resources to point of extinction.

The lulling of Canadians has been achieved through the Global Centre for Pluralism and the application of subjective notions of oppression presented as objective realities. Than through the subsidiary 'Trust for Culture' your community have been funded with non-repayment loans. Debt rooted not in financial recovery but social and political action. Pressuring institution and resources in order to facilitate complex social change.

Once again I ask. Who would want to reconcile with a community that does not want to be one with us and who is made a deal with the enemy. The Persian 4th Reich is pursuant of hereditary control of the religious and secular sectors. With the labour markets rooted in volunteerism.

You're not a slave, you're a volunteer. The leader of the Persian 4th Reich has stated on many occasions that western greed and ignorance is his greatest weapon. I have to ask did you get to enjoy the wealth that your leaders have reaped off your backs. So I guess he is right. Enslaved by your own community.

As for these schools. The boarding aspect of them was at the request of the parents. Also what is the mortality rate prior to penicillin and antibiotics? Did you know that while the indigenous were getting a free education from an English School, English children as young as 10 were mining coal.

Let me ask, which life would you have preferred? Will there be any reparations for the British children of yesterday that had to die in a coal mine to keep your school operational?

As for the graves, they are marked as this was done twice in the 90's and accountability by state and church was realized. But, here we go again. History, Heritage, and culture reduced to a money grab by the greedy and ignorant from allies to a much greater master.

This is how you fund the militia attempting to decolonize only to be colonized by another. This time this master will not be kind. There are many examples of his leadership around the world. Once again, greed and ignorance is his greatest weapon.

I think before you speak of something with a contemporary perhaps you should ask someone from that era what discipline was like. Go commit eraism. Your look shamefully ignorant.

This piece was inspired by this article

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