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Civil Society Pressures, Strains, and exhaustions are expressed through death and destruction

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Instead of fighting over the tool lets start asking the Why. Lets take on The Why Perspective

- why would he do such a thing

- why were children targeted

- Why is an individual behaviour expressed in such destructive manners?

- Why is such expression seen as a viable option?

- Why is such options explored?

- ....

I am lost not only by the fact that someone could do this but that someone could target unrelated children. I struggle to find a single reason or circumstance that would compel someone to act in such a manner.

We need to stop using pathologies as a crutch and start getting to the principal cause of expression. We cannot let this go on any longer.

More import, we cannot blame a tool. A hammer does not build a house. It makes the building possible and easier but it is not what built it. It was the reasoning, action potential, choices, action expression that built the house.

Necessary and sufficient conditions of causality. Without the person there is not action. A hammer cannot build a house independent and a gun cannot kill independently. A human can do both void of hammer or weapon.

We need to rid our selves, community, and nation of what is ailing us; what has poisoned our well. I say it is civil society. As a whole is tears us apart as tribalism is the necessary and sufficient condition for its existence,

Any form of development, innovation, or expansion achieved by civil society, is the fracturing of society into greater factions. This fracturing of the one into the many has a heavy affect with its effects realized through various expressions.

Lets save the I, the me, the we, and the all. In order to achieve this we must rid our selves, our neighborhoods, our communities, and nations of civil society in both spirit and action. We must reframe us and each other to see the world a new.

The new vision of self and other than will guide our thoughts, feelings, and interactions with the many acting as the mechanism that rebinds us Unified by one banner and mobilized by mutual goal.

If we truly want peace, if we want harmony, if we want tranquility, is we want unified behaviour it can and will only be realized through the death of civil society. Our future depends on it. We either find the one and the means to achieve it or we destroy each other in tribal warfare as the many.

It is up to you and I ask you, better yet I challenge you to ask others, what is it that they want for tomorrow. Not for self but for their grandchildren that have yet to be born.

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