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Civil Society is Falling

The future is looking bright as civil society or the community leaders who represent it on a grass roots level are now have to stand in defense of there crimes. Lets hope the courts have the will to go after the master of these community heads

Actistism is corporate posturing under a new banner with ill intend masquerading as good will. Aug San Suu Kyi being the founder of a division of a much larger system. She opens a not-for-profit that is financially linked to an NGO. The NGO acting as a consultant and resources centre. This creating web labelled the civil society network.

The structure of the civil society network is analogous to the structure of a financial institution. You have the corporate head office that extend out to bank branches. Within civil society the branches are communities. Where it differentiates is in the lending being community based and debt recovery is pursuant of social action not financial recovery.

So of course it is only profitable to diversify by fracturing the one into the many. Engineering greater and greater factions. I have to ask, do you really think you're born this way. The institutional reach and enrollment goes beyond the present institutionally accepted groups. It is creating new groups with new and overlapping identities. The complexity of identification escapes the scope of this piece.

Now what product and/or service might civil society offer? They are in the service sector acting as a system that offers community driven pressure that usher in complex social change. Keeping in mind that such change often takes place on an incremental level. Going unnoticed by the public is key to their success unless the utility is found in public exposure.

Through the last 4 or so decades, civil society has diversifies their services portfolio. They are rooted in institutional pressures move government agenda, that the public disagree with forward. Claims oppression and discrimination is the infant strategy. Now they include, corporate marketing, community transition, early stages development (demolition), mass perceptional condition. This just being a few.

There existence started with government and organizational funding push the public to demand change. Which makes me ask is a revolution a revolution if it is paid for by the authority it seeks to change. Under these condition a revolution or social outcry is more a means of public manipulation driving an end-state desired by the authority and not the people. There are website that document this and I will be covering one of those websites on Sapere Aude.

This making civil society a marketing and communications company with an emphasis placed on experiential marketing. Experiential marketing can be summarized with an advertising cliché; sell the sizzle not the steak. Experiential marketing is the sizzle. They are the event that surrounds the product and offers direct interaction. They are the interface of the sales process.

Unlike experiential marketing there is no limits to how far civil society can and will go in order to render its services. Experiential marketing is bound to laws so the release of a Call of Duty video game can and is presented like a war zone. Limited to superficial observable characteristics.

Civil society is able to create a war zone and through the use of violence and chaos can submerge the end user like an experiential marketer could only imagine.

Civil society can stage a group conflict with explosives (fireworks). They can even take the violence right to the audience covering them with blood from a paid actor getting his face beaten in. What are you worth, and the cost reflects that.

This extreme marketed method of framing perception, influences culture that in turn motivates behaviour. That behaviour being the general public demanding change. There is the complex social change realized and the people feel as though there actions is what accomplished it. Claims of oppression and discrimination are threshold test, that leads to the logistical planning of the event.

I ask if a rebranding strategy can run a corporation into the millions. How much is it worth to change, institution, culture and economic policies? Could that be worth hundreds of millions? Now consider the service civil society is offering. Would talking large sum of cartel money have a affect or effect for that matter. They are will to take part in acts of violence for a chance to win a large screen tv through there pillaging.

This is where the financial utility exist; the corruption. This is a service sector that has no billing. So not only can you clean you money but you can use that cleaning process to sway regulations that prevent your enrollment into commercial industry.

Wait. Over the years we have been hearing civil society demand for heroin usage centers. There is civil society acting as a laundry mate and that money than being used to pull the levers of pressure that will facilitate social change. Such change comes at a cost to the public. This exhausting institutional resources making for seizure to be a cheap and cheerful process for an ill intended the cartel.

Allowing for you the replacement of your history, heritage, and culture. Basically the replace of you. Now take globalist leaders and how might such experiential market be of value. If an agenda is failing it makes for an incredible rebranding strategy.

When elites the Elon Musk propose the question do we live a simulator this is what he means. Civil Society, is fabricating reality and manipulating us, the people, in not only rendering their demands and desires but has us paying for them.

If you truly want to fix society. If you truly want to unit the people. We must remove civil society and all their members immediately. Keeping in mind many members have no concept what they have enlisted for but there are many member who do.

Easiest assessment is to start at the top. Communities leaders should pay dearly as Aug San Suu Kyi hopefully will. The only thing impacting the consequence of her corruption and by extension civil society is the corruption and payoffs within the courts.

I am not saying people with good interest and intent do not and should not exist. The issue is that those at the top have realized how to manipulate and exploit aid and good will; turning kindness into weakness. The exploitation is now positioning a war effort and many members of the public see their own destruction is a pathway to peace.

This is how civil society poisons our community well.

This piece was inspired by this article

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