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Civil Society is at it again

What is the intent of such industry based pressures? Is this an infiltration and replacement strategy? What occupational levels are you seeking to replace?

The article linked below is regarding the trans community demanding that there be a gender X on some form. Funny how those who get confused and lost by choice want more choice.

These are the people who do not know who they are as a result of their deny of biological reality. These people think gender is like choose condiments for a hotdog.

In the end this delusion of grandeur by this community is brought forth buy our willing as the strong to slow down and let the weak catch up. Now that they have they want to change the race as a whole.

If we really want to help these people. I mean offer some real world aid. We need to make it illegal for foreign entities to invest in such nonsense. Lets help them break free from their community leader enslavement.

Those who can identify self and are pushing for what they think is self betterment when in actuality your efforts are a conquest strategy of your investors. I just hope your community leaders shared the wealth.

Those non-repayment loans that were taken out wit h you the members as the asset against the debt are not acting as the means of recovery. Your lender is not seeking financial gains but rather social action.

This is how colonial powers achieve absolute control or at minimum partition influence. Your community leaders have made a deal with the devil and as such as given way to a new master.

This Piece was inspired by this article

Transgender advocates call out WestJet for not allowing gender 'X' | Watch (

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