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China isn't tinkering. They own our election

The Chinese Diaspora represents the second largest voting block in Canada with Shia Islam being number 1.

Ironically the Chinese economy rests on the influence of and control of that same Islamic leader.

When will Canadians wake the fuck up and realize we are being conquered and colonized by hereditary based Shia Islam.

While you idiots scream freedom we are institutionalizing Islamic ideology.


The Chinese leader is less than a lap dog to the Persian 4th Reich but an ally working towards a common goal non-the-less.

That goal being hereditary control of the cultural and industrial based authority with a labour marketing rooted in slavery....sorry, volunteerism.

These groups do not need to tinker or meddle. They own our election and all our politicians through the vote.

Conquering democracies without a shot fired and all that is needed is ignorance and greed of the domestic population.

Well done Canada. The fact you keep buying the lies from frauds really means you deserve what your about to get.

This piece was inspired by this article

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