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Cheap clearing for foreign enclave development

This is t he great Canadian experiment being ran by Shia Islam. They are creating identity based enclave ranging from race and religion to orientation and perspective. This is the 15 minute city.

The questionable and ill intention lies behind the fact that those behind this experiment know that this process, throughout history and location, ends in violent conflict.

Just look at Africa right now. Their enclaves are rooted in religion as the superficial characteristics, like race, tend to be homogenous. This year along there are African nation that have experience over a 1000 terrorist style attack on communities and or institution.

So I ask what are we investing in? We are paying for the burning and through claims of crisis funding the development. The outcome, as proven throughout history, is civil war.

With conflict being the expected consequence, I ask what is the interest and intent of those conducting the experiment? The utility and opportunity is conquest and colonization.

I understand that ignorance is being pandered to through greed but do the sellouts do you realize:

who is doing this and what is about to happen?

Do you think the money you where given will be relevant in tomorrows markets?

Do you think your assets will be held in ownership by you?

Do you think you will not be dragged into such conflicts?

All you have to do is look at Africa. Ironically the one behind Africa's issues is the one behind the great Canadian experiment.

To understand more watch the episode of The Why Perspective titled Could Canada be the Next South Africa.

This peice was inspired by this article

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