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Change gonna come

People are in for the surprise of their lives.

I have spent 4 years and hours upon hours of content explaining what was coming. Going over documents from these elites detailing agenda and strategies of obtainment.

I will tell you this Change is now gonna come. They had a population density threshold for response in order to slow or even stop pursuit of desired outcomes. Unfortunately, it was not met.

If anything the behavioural test were an absolute failure on part of the general population(s). From the standpoint of the authoritative bodies, they not only were a great success but revealed a plethora of opportunity and the utility of obtainment.

Just think, people are screaming for freedom while their nation institutionalizes Sharia law.

This final stage of this complex social change will transition every faucet of our lives.

First is structural change. From politics to industry all will transition into a hereditary base form of authority and ownership. Ownership will be help by bloodlines.

On an industrial level all means of production will be owned by a single line or small few, due to associated resources relating to a given product or service.

Culturally, is ownership will be of the people. An example of this is interest group communities. They have been the porotypes for this structure along with being the vehicles driving change.

Next is finance. We presently live in what in known as the Usury system which allows for profit to be made from the lending of money. Jews being that special Group who can achieve this within the restraints of their faith.

We must keep in mind, it is not the Jews wealth that they are lending but rather the Kings and Queens of Christianity and Islam. I have to ask if you think a slave is your master. What does that make you then?

The transition will remove the Jew or the usury lending. I guess that is why the hatred of the Jews has increased. Not to go unmentioned is the fast the this new non-usury system was created by nonother than an Islamic leader, the Clintons, and Soros.

The new non-usury money lending has NGO's acting like financial institutions and community based not-for-profits taking on the role of the bank branch. This is slave banking in that you are the asset put up against the loan.

See why interest groups are so disruptive. They have been receiving this Islamic non-usury lending for over 4 decades now. It is time for the community members to pay the debt.

Saddest part is that those who pay the most got the lest out of the capital transitioning hands.

Once you have established the slave identity through lending and dependencies, than it is the labour market that will change. You will receive a universal basic income but will be responsible to do what you are ask to do, when you are asked to do it.

There is no option here. Refusal will be met with limiting resource access, basically starving people, or death. I guess that is up to those who are the authority. Remember though you are not a slave, you are a volunteer and this is your social responsibility.

This takes us to the last and most impactful change. Compete removal of upward mobility. Just this when you were a child and someone asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up, anything was possible as everything was on the table.

The new world there is nothing on the table as heredity is its owner. So without the right bloodline you get what you are given and you are given what the authority deems you deserve to get.

This is where the biggest and most complex change lies. I ask you, what is your thoughts of people on government subsidy? I am sure your initial concepts were very negative.

Now place those concepts that you used to describe such a person and now use them to describe yourself. It hurts, does it not? This is the ultimate social dilemma of this new world.

You are now that which you think so poorly of. How does one come to terms with that reality. During clinical studies, not well at all. As a student students were constantly ask who can this issue be addressed.

My answer was always, through a disability. It is not they who are the dependent but the disability that created it. The disability acting as a safeguard of the ego, and sustain the superego, while conditioning the ID.

This brings us to the pandemic. The narrative had multiple institutions frame our consciousness, guide our responses, and stimulate our expressions. Even going as far as applying operant conditioning to the behavioural mix.

All of a sudden the narrative shifts and the a forced remedy becomes a failure and harms is done onto the people. Have we not listened to screams of reparations from the black community. They are influential so could it be a concept conditioning.

Now with harms realized you sit back and wait for people to demand, wait for it....reparations. That's right, by the people for the people or so the people think. It they think otherwise complex social change is met with resentment and hostility,

Not only have we The People allowed for this reality to develop but we have demanding for its sustainment. Willing to argue against the identifiers it they are to be challenged. Now that's brand loyalty.

The cost of not having conviction and living life based on the screaming of a slogan and the marching to a trend. Marketers own your mind, heart, and soul.

You can say this will never happen here or to me. Hate to break it to you it already has. It is amazing to think that while people are screaming freedom, our nation is institutionalizing Sharia law.

This is just a taste of the larger more systemic changes. The snowballs goes and grows in accordance to the hill.

Take a knee you new master will be arriving.

This piece was inspired by a Facebook post by Izzy Sarvari

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