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Canadians, victims of the lowest common denominator

The cost of leading one's life based on trends and not convictions. The need of third party with a ready made resolution leaves such people highly vulnerable to exploitation and manipulation. One such method that is plaguing nations and people around the world but in particular Canadians is the bait and switch.

Take the mandate for example. This is not a principle issues and is illegal on multiple levels. Ask yourself, are these people who understand scientific standards and laws willing to risk everything buy forcing you into drug therapy? Or, are they marketing a drug therapy as a distractor? I am leaning to the latter

Here is what people truly need to understand about society, challenge, and change. First and foremost, change must be seek as coming from and by the people. If change is realized as stemming from the concerns and actions of the people themselves, any change will be met with hostility and resentment.

The mandate is that point that draws attention and drives expression. Just look at how Canada and most of the world has responded; with action. So now we are in a emotional driven response to an expression of our issue and not the issues in its principle form.

I asked above, do you think those who know the stands and laws would sacrifice everything for an experiment? Just think about this for a moment. A therapy requires a 10 longitudinal study to be certified for mass applications. This is not only to protect the end-user but also to protect the developers and distributers of a given clinical therapy.

You understand that this research could have been approved and applied in a controlled research lab. The failure to control variables in the real world prevents any establishment of causality. That which research is intending to prove, ultimately rendering all this work, effort, and resources irrelevant.

Than there is the legal matters and constitutional rights of, by and for the people. You understand it is your constitutional right of the right to refusal, and this is found in all western nations. I want to say this again, it is your right, awarded by your constitution, to refuse and suggested therapy. No one can force a therapeutic practice on you and to use their authority and influence as a practitioner is unethical and criminal. This is public knowledge,

Which leaves the response to mandating, the expression of our issue, the most entertaining. It is very revealing of the masses and how perceptions are framed, responses are guided, and expression is stimulated. This illustrating who and how many will put forth actions without any understanding of what they are acting upon.

In doing so, leaves us vulnerable to 3rd party intervention. Now, lets assume you are an ill intended interventionist. If would be in your best interest to have people screaming slogans and needing trends to guide behaviour.

You realize that the mandate was little more than a Pied Pipers song and wow did the people go marching. Amazing to thing that while people screamed freedom their actions were leading to conquest of us by a new colonial power. While we scream slogans, our structures were amended to facilitate the complex social change desired by our soon to be master, With such insight held by those at the helm of this new world, lets take a moment and consider what is next. We have the idiots on the left who are known as woke and the idiots on the right know as awake, with all the idiots owned by the same marketer and all they had to do to convince the masses in to change the tense of the label that described people as having insight and being insightful. If you only knew but I guess for good reason you do not.

First is the framing of perceptions. Present an abundant of complications. Is no on realizing that it is athletes and celebrities that are playing dead for the cameras. I know, I know, you know someone who know someone who has been confronted with complications. Well targeting attacks through healthcare are a simple task. I ask if a leader is willing to kill millions of his own people when leadership is achieved how many are to be sacrificed to gain leadership in the first place?

Second is the guiding of responses. We now have the vaccinated, those who shamed the unvaccinated, begging the unvaccinated to be easy as they are victims of their own ignorance. You have business and characters speaking out against that which they supported and demanded onto others just a year prior. Victimhood marketing, pandering to our empathetic sensibilities.

Last is the stimulating of expression. A lab coat with convince anyone, so bring out the experts to speak against forced mandates and therapies. Reveal data that shows failing of that which was forced onto you. While being forced disrupt economy and starve the people. The prison system offers us endless data on what solitary confinement does to a person, now add resource strain which is the leading contributor to self sacrificial behaviour. The people are beaten and hungry and want justify for that which was forced on them by those who forced them into this state. With perception, response and expression established not it is time to prime the action potential. Bring out the ready made resolution and the new characters to implements it. Lets define what resolution looks like and how it is achieved.

Interesting how a few years prior to these mandates and healthcare and therapeutic debacle we heard interest group communities, woke culture, screaming reparation and now that the pandemic narrative is collapsing those same interest groups are at it again. Appears that reparation is how resolve is being characterized and these groups actions are like the mold of obtainment,

Here is the big bait and switch. Now the awakened, should-to-should with the woke will go with intended actions of straining and forcing government, institution and industry into awarding them resolve. Bait and switch, as the our concept of resolution has been conditioned and when resources change hands, a new social contract will be signed.

Reparations will transition in label, from predations to universal basic income, and all ownership will sees to exist. In the end this new social contract, achieved by and for the people. Rest assure, you're not a slave, you're a volunteer and you did it to yourselves.

This is what I mean by we are victims to the lowest common denominator. The ignorant buys into everything they are sold. They took the vaccine and now the resolution will be push by those was people. The cost of society slowing down in order to let others catch up. I blame affirmative action for this industrial and instructional infiltration. Just so you know affirmative action is not limited to blacks but includes every interest groups that makes up civil society. That is the mercenaries of woke culture.

This piece was inspired by this article

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