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Canadian leadership are the dumbest in the world

Would anyone blame a hammer for a poorly built house?

What the public needs to familiarize themselves with is notions of necessary and sufficient conditions so that misplacement cannot take place again. Allowing for the public to see through such manipulation tactics.

So now law abiding citizens are having their rights to self protection and defence removed. Interesting timing considering our leaders are globalist would that not make us the domestic population with a sense of statehood the enemy?

It world and this is how our enemy is ensuring we have no fighting chance. While we lose our ability to defend self, our military is being seized by foreign powers. Such a institutional seizure is being achieved through the efforts of the paramilitary Civil Society pressuring institutions to a point of resource strain and exhaustion.

Through public perceptions being framed as institutional failings our enemy is taking control of our land, resources, and institutions in the name of management and it is the public who is screaming for such take overs. The cost of misplacement of accountability.

I ask if we cannot defend self and the institution responsible as our first and last form of defence is conquered by our enemy. What do we do as a community. Are we going to laydown curled in a fetal position or are we going to stand, demand, and take our rights back.

Planning and preparation begins on the discourse page in the forum sections. It is time that we stand for our history, heritage, and culture. It is not discriminatory to have pride and stand in preservation of self and community.

Join me before it is too late. If we fail our new master is just over the horizon are you willing to take a knee because we all know that that is the only option.

This piece was inspired by this article

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