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Canada the failed colonial power - working in the name and interest of the Persian 4th Reich

America is not behind immigration being used as a war strategy and most Canadians work off slogans and trends to understand and act in the world so they will believe these lies.

Our immigration problem is an act by the liberal Canadian government and the Persian 4th Reich. The pursuit of the 4th Reich is hereditary control of the religious (cultural) and secular (industrial/institutional) sectors, with a labour market rooted in slavery.

Don't worry, you're not a slave, you're a volunteer - idiots

The sad aspect of the Persian 4th Reich colonizing us has nothing to do with us having value outside of geopolitical position to engage in war against America and by extension freedom.

Wake up Canada and stop buying whatever you are sold. This is a very complex topic that I have been covering for over 3 years. A topic so controversial that censorship has isolated me to my website but so important that I have spend 3 years presenting these insights; even if no one is listening.

I am angered and frustrated that all your hero and celebrity are frauds, playing the Pied Piper marching you all off a cliff. Take for example Jordan Peterson, he not only worked for the leader of the Persian 4th Reich but also took part in the psychological planning of this transitional period. Another fraud is Kanye 'Ye' West. He is not a Nazi he is a leftist Persian 4th Reich Muppet trying to define us, those with a conservative mindset as a Nazi's. Do people learn nothing from recent experiences? I laugh at them screaming they are awake. Idiot on the left are know as woke and the idiots on the right are known as awake. All idiots are owned by marketers and all it took was the changing of tense. Sad as hell this is.

This is a very complex understand but I ask you to join me at for truth and honest insights that are not blurred by bias or personal intertest. I am ethically and morally bound to the people and it is the people I serve with such knowledge.

Join me and arm yourselves with principle form knowledge allowing us to anticipate outcomes with a readiness to respond. I guarantee this ability as I have predicting every aspect of this calamity for a decade now but have been publicly present them for almost 4 years.


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