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Canada, soon to be the next South Africa

Civil societies paramilitary, once again is pressuring our institutions seeking resource strain and exhaustion. As they rob our institutions, it is at the point of failure that these same institutions will be paraded for failings manipulating the public into demanding change. That change will be institutional seizure by our enemies.

The indigenous community believes that their social actions is leading to a decolonial stage. In reality it is us being colonized by another. The institution that has been funding the social action leading to institutional pressure is Trust for Culture. Through Trust for Culture the AKDN has been funding interest group communities with Non-repayment loans.

These loans are not time specific as all other forms of lending is. All because it being Islamic based financing usury is possible so lending is not in pursuit of a revenue stream, at least not one drawn directly from the lending itself. Rather, the lending, as stated, seeks recover through social action. Free is never free. To the indigenous community and interest group communities at large. Your leaders have been taking out community based loans with you and your efforts as the asset put up against the loan. In the name of debt recovery, you are being enslaved.

You are not being decolonized you are being colonized by another. That other is the Aka Khan and his Persian 4th Reich, using an endless web of NGO's and not-for-profits conducting a modern age colonial process. To give you a sense of what is truly happening around the world I will us Canada and the indigenous. The strategy is not new and if often used in the Middle East and Africa.

The indigenous have been radicalized through the institutionalization of the us vs them. Not all but many and most not even realize what they enlisted for. They have been told they are pursuant of decolonization. They as a community force social pressures in the name of victimhood, strain and exhausting resources. With each point of effort the civil society community (indigenous) feel a sense of victory.

What is unbeknownst to them is the fact that resource exhausted institutions are not being met by their communities seizure of it but rather the institution being seized by the NGO AKDN. You are not being decolonized you are being colonized by another and this other does not offer free institutions.

The the AKDN and his civil society (not-for-profits) network he has taking control of Canada's natural resources that include oil and forestry. Ironic considering he is the largest stakeholder of renewable energies. He controls our education and health care. He literally has an organization called the Aga Khan board of education which is a digital learning system.

The strategy is to have interest groups through cries of victimhood to pressure an institution like education. Once resources are strained and exhausted, through media he present on loop the failings. He purchased CBC through his nation news agency. This presentation than driving the largest community and culture to demand change. He than takes control of the institution under the guise of management. To give you a sense of what the Aga Khan's colonial power look like turn to nations such as: Iran, Afghanistan, coastal African nations, China, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Russia (replaced Jewish financial system) Indonesia etc. These nations all share the characteristics of hereditary control and the enslavement of its people.

As stated by the Aga Khan, the pursuit of hereditary control of the religious and secular sectors. With the labour market rooted in volunteerism. This is traditional slavery just rebranded. To quote the master of interest group communities: "Western greed and ignorance is our greatest weapon". So, to all interest group members stop being exploited for your ignorance and greed. It is now costing us all and is about to cost us everything. The Aga Khan fracturing us into faction and radicalizing us through the us vs them. If we fail to establish the one from the many, the many will lose everything to the few,

This piece was inspired by this article

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