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Canada, engineering outcome right down to the response

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

How do you engineer failure, ushering change that the people receive as their doing. While ensuring that the master of the people remains in the shadows?

You use a Court Jester like Justin Trudeau. A puppet controlled by a puppet master. Create a mess on all levels of society in order to present failing. I am amazed how far we as people have allowed it to go.

If this was a perception, cognition, or behavioural test I fear we have failed in a spectacular manner. We were taken to a point where first came the foreign politicians attempting to explain who our leader is. That did nothing and than I was the celebrity. Still little to no response.

Before you jump to conclusion I want you to understand. What I am saying is not a judgement but rather a description of our reality. You Canadian is your primary identifier I see you as a family member and we as a family need to figure this out.

If we fail to realize our world in a principal form, we will continue to be mislead. The end-state of us misplacing our responses is a loss that goes beyond the everything, to include ourselves.

This piece was inspired by this article

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