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Canada, a special type of stupid

The Canadian political foreign master has already picked his replacement - Pierre's conservatives.

All are Muppets of the Persian 4th Reich. Separated by little more than branding. They do share that same master, making them all Jihadi's of the Persian 4th Reich. Less than lapdogs to the Aga Khan.

See, Canadians are victims of the lowest common denominator. Meaning they are superficial at best and it is easy to prove.

We just went through insane censorship regarding healthcare and therapies and anyone who talked against the mandates know this. Some how, these same people buy that the WEF is of any real importance. So censorship eludes the people who run the world and are driving us into the ground.

Wake up fools.

The WEF is a scapegoat and personal experience is not enough for any of you to get it.

A perfect example of this is while Canadians scream freedom, our leaders are institutionalizing Sharia law. So scream freedom while you are conquered and colonized by an oppressive cultural ideology that demands obedience.

How can you not laugh at the greatest comedy never written and the characters themselves are having the narrative discourse come to life.

I know, I am an asshole for not towing the line. Ironically, your the idiot for doing just that.

It is as simple as this. The idiots on the left are known as woke the idiots on the right are known as awake. All the idiots are owned by the same marketer. To think all it took to brand and and label these people it to change from past tense to present tense.

How can you not laugh. Instead of doing my broadcast of validated truth I have been left in a mesmerized observation of how lost people really are. Completely clueless to their own realities.

We have to admit and I am sure most will agree that Canadians screaming freedom while Sharia law is being instituted is a special kind of dumb.

Now I know I am being harsh but people need a bitter taste in their mouths so that it lingers long enough to get them to think about it. This issue is not just isolated to Canada and includes the world at large.

I also want to make it clear that I do not necessarily blame the people. We have all been conditioned by institution, life choices, friends and family. To understand the agenda behind this conditioning I suggest you look into episode 2 of Is This Really News? You can find it on the On Demand content page.

Question to all Canadians. Why do you think a hereditary based Shia Islamic leaders is the one controlling how our children's minds are molded? Hind, its about colonial pursuits.

It is a good starting point in understand who you are and why.

This piece was inspired by a Facebook post by The Conservative Party of Canada

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