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Can you find a value? Gangs are the new primary export

Our Trade Minister announced that we are exploring a free trade opportunity with Ecuador

Ecuador primary exports:

  1. Mineral fuels including oil: US$8.6 billion (32.8% of total exports)

  2. Fish: $5.7 billion (21.8%)

  3. Fruits, nuts: $3.7 billion (14.2%)

  4. Meat/seafood preparations: $1.3 billion (5%)

  5. Ores, slag, ash: $1.1 billion (4.1%)

  6. Live trees, plants, cut flowers: $964.6 million (3.7%)

  7. Cocoa: $940 million (3.6%)

  8. Gems, precious metals: $597.1 million (2.3%)

So where is the opportunity? The people of nations like Ecuador are flooding the American southern board attempting to escape hardship of their homelands in pursuit of America. So why would we be working out any cooperation's agreement between nations that force their people to flee. It isn't like a foreigner flee back home avoiding persecution. These are the domestic population.

Is this is another human capital funnel with a population that you can pay off in order to exploit the democratic principle of demographics. Just think about it. Our nation funneled billions in funding to Africa only to be invaded by Africans through mass migration. Truth is reveal by actions and not claims. The actions of this government should put such a cooperation agreement like free trade into question and cause a stirring of concern relative to risk and liability associated with the terms of the agreement, Based of the primary exports of Ecuador there appears to be many industries that overlap and this could be the market disruption that our government of all parties want. That being, us starved to a point that we have no other option but to beg for aid, establishing a new social contract.

I leave you with a question - could this form of cooperation contribute to the quiet war of attrition that Canadians have been fighting against? To further this question with insight, did you know that gangs are legal in Ecuador. Iis that the liberal trade interest. Here is some articles that lend themselves to what might be the new primary export - gangs

I guess when you trade minister is a foreigner domestic responsibility is slanted and we have to ask to white identity does loyalties stand with. This is the colonial attempts of our enemies and we will celebrate it as a victory because we exist to scream slogans and need trends to guide our behaviour so it is only a ad campaign away from a counterintuitive and counterproductive end-state of self destruction.

I guess we can reduce it to just another interest group that is a victim of reality that we must coddle to our own demise. You do realize that interest groups are controlled by civil society and civil society is founded by the Persian 4th Reich. War is a comin. This time it will be within our boarders. That is if we don't give our history, heritage

, identity, and resources away first.

This piece was inspired by this article.

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