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Call to action - we need help

I didn't want to write this but I have no other choice. Restrictions and banning is making presenting the truth very difficult.

I am running out of resources very quickly and may have to walk away from offering the public truth.

It breaks my heart having to do this. I have spend the last couple years developing a headquarters for the Canadians Patriot and by extension patriots all over the world but the monthly fees and the human capital need to run this is straining my resource.

Please help. You can help by sharing the content and website with friends and family. You can make a pledge to progress. You can purchase merchandise. If your a small business or organization you can buy advertising spots. If you have some free time we can use your help as an intern. Just think this could be your start to broadcasting. I have about 6 months left based on my calculations. Don't let the truth be silenced. Our future depends on it.

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