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By the People, For the People

Our would is created and defined by the people, for the people. Meaning it is our choices and our actions that make the world around us.

If we are silent and unwilling to apply the appropriate pressures on institution and industry, that our world is no long created and developed by us, we the people.

When this transition takes place it position power and influence as our worlds creator and we the creation in the hands of a 3rd party. We cannot anticipate nor can we wait for a 3rd party with ready made answers.

It is time that we the people took matters into our own hands. It is time our voices be heard and our actions be felt in a manner that ushers in complex social change. It is not just our will but it is our responsibility.

I am not talking about protests, they like civil conflict, only creates opportunities for those creating our problems; our clear and present dangers.

We need to apply institutional and industry based pressures, driving institutional actions that is capable of lending itself to change. Understand change is not complex in every form or fashion.

Incremental steps is what is often need, not just for the sustainment of those very same institutions and industries but for the understand, and well being of the general public.

I will offer 2 examples of such pressure.

First, is pressuring industry to reveal conflict and criminalize them on the basis of interest that my cause harm or wrong doings onto the consumers and end user; their people.

Take politicians becoming stakeholders in industries and using the weight of the legal system to push a conversion rate should be pushed into the courts by us for legal review. Not an inquest and hearing.

Or when markets are regulated by marketing and hold a industry based organization. This also is a conflict of interest that allows for fixing of industries. So how would the market regulate when the market is fixed by those sitting at the organizations table.

Now for institutional based pressure.

First is the domestic population reclaiming institutional influence and control. We need to push to redefine or rebrand concepts that have lost their core meaning. A strong starting point is to demanding that self preservation is not hate.

We need to breakdown the national philosophy and how it defines the pillars of existence. This will offer a rich and complex cultural change on an institutional and industry based levels start with restructuring and defining the philosophical principles.

These principles, are the centre fugal force, that frames perceptions, guides responses, and stimulates expressions. The establishment of the great expectations or just expectations in general

This is our time and we must act while the sward is hot. This tactic is and has been used by the left. It is now time to that which has been used against us as tools used by and for us.

Ask yourself not what your nation can do for you but what you can do for your nation.

If we fail to take on this responsibility, we will soon lose our nation, identity, and culture. We will lose us. and I have to ask what are you without that which makes you who you are?

Your someone else. that is who you are.

This piece was inspired by a post on Facebook by Lori Bradley

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