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Breaking a nation in the name of conquest

A nation is a result of its institutions and industries. Using the leftist strategy of pressuring, to exhaustion and presenting exhaustion as failings driving people to demand for change that is even more strain on resources leads those institutions and industries to actual failings. Now they failings are than generalized to the population that utilizes them and like the institutions and industries people also start to fail.

Take a moment and consider the ill intended outsider interventionalist with the ready made resolutions. Do you think that his his investment in the resolution of the peoples problems or the creation of personal opportunities exposing the utility of obtainment.

Net-zero and environmental crisis in general is a colonial strategy that position the colonized as the funder of their own colonization. In doing so the people cheer on their colonization preventing the need for violence by the colonizer.

Looks like that is what we have been living through. A quiet war of attrition on the domestic population, while those with dispensable resources fund our conquering. To think all it took was the pandering of peoples empathetic sensibilities.

Shame that we would rather solve a mystical weather issues instead of helping out our own. That is what has been illustrated with this nonsense. Those amongst us are funding our conquest. Makes you wonder if they are on the colonist side; axes and allies.

My question to those with whose empathetic reasoning has been exploited. Do you really care more for an imaginary issue versus the betterment of your own and by extension yourself?

Interest dynamic that has been revealed along with the methods of how the many can be marched into trends and manipulated by slogans. Markets are the true frontline soldiers of this war.

This peice was inspired by this article

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