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Bait and Switch - Who thought greater access could be defined as restriction

Does the union work for its members or does its member work for the union?

So Doug Ford is trying to create greater access and is being met with opposition. Sad part is that the opposition is investing heavily in marketing Doug Ford as a villain by misleading the general masses.

They claim he is 'privatizing' health care when in actuality it is the unions attempting to secure their private market. I guess it is harder to rip off Health Canada than the private insurers? More hands to payoff in order to con the system?

Unions had a place at one point in time. Now they are the most counterintuitive nd counterproductive agency. I love when they position their own members against each other during collective negotiations.

It isn't a collective process when those who represent you position the group at odds against each other. Most time it is the senior members having to screw the younger members to maintain benefits etc.

This is the people you pay to protect you. It appears that you are paying for a representative of management for the purpose to weaken you as a whole. People are not seeing this or are just accepting it on the bases of 'getting mine'.

I am a critic of all politicians, their parties and their caucuses. People need to realize that there is two ways around a mountain that end in the same place. One path always looks better than the other and no one takes a moment to ask why that is.

This piece was inspired by this posting

- Poster: John Burke (Facebook)

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