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Bait and switch

This is a cultural bait and switch and it is being used to frame perceptions, guide responses, and stimulate expressions, on both sides of the fence.

Sweden is part of an NGO called Trust for Culture proving this is a staging. Trust for Culture is an Shia Islamic organization, so it only makes sense for Sweden to pander to the culture both positively and negatively.

Obviously this stage is seek negative reaction from Islam while create a sense of cultural preservation within the domestic population. Is that really what the outcome is pursuant of.

Media presentation is telling us this is a game to convey a sense of domestic support for Islam and illustrating as standing in higher regard that self preservation. As act of self preservation are met with hostile express by domestic opposition.

Bait and switch and it is the people of Sweden being played by their own leaders. I ask why are these leaders pushing for cultural colonialism and why Islam.

Does is really boil down what the Islamic leader who runs the organization Trust for Culture: "Western ignorance and greed is my greatest weapon". Is it ignorance or greed on display here.

This peice was inspired by this video

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