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Attrition - slowly starving them to beg for aid

I ask people to take a moment and consider. Are there useless eaters or are there people with an ideological framework confronted with a quiet war of attrition?

If you are a domestic, white, cis gender, heterosexual, male, with a conservative perspective who is there to help you? When I was in grade 5 we were taught that in a multicultural nation interest groups are needed as domestic governments speak for domestic voices and the weak and vulnerable need an organization to be heard.

Now are government officials are not only paid off by these groups but now they are conditioned allies of those at the helm of interest groups; success ensured void of merit.

Interest group not-for-profits funded by governments and NGO's fund to ensure communal success. Did you know that over the past decade Canadian employers are funded to hire interest group members. Who is paying to employ domestic members that hold ideological variations?

Now add to that affirmative action. where all interest group communities are pushed through hire learning and employment void of merit. A perfect example I know of is of a Pakistani immigrant who couldn't tighten a nut and bolt became a lead safety inspector for MAGNA. A maker of car parts.

Wonder why we are failing as a nation on a institutional and industry based level. The Japanese American physicist Michio Kaku is quoted say: ":America must do something about is people pursuits as there is not a single white American in any of his graduate classes".

I retort by asking how is one to gain entry into your class when all the high ranking grades where given to interest group member void of merit under the guise of aid.

There is no groups to ensure our training. There is no groups to ensure our success. There is not system to defend wrong doing done onto us. Did you know that a wealthy Canadian created the first and only scholarship for old stock Canadians.

Most wouldn't know as the scholarship, the last dying wish of this man, was denied on the grounds of racism and discrimination and the only scholarship for old stack Canadians was given to interest group communities,.

I know I have been talking about interest group communities but I want to be clear who it is that makes up these communities. Most assume it to represent the black community especially when affirmative action is brought into the discussion.

Interest group communities are include and are not limited to: black, browns, LGBT, Asian. women, and anything else that people can be fractured on and factions can be built. This is Woke culture.

They represent a militia based mercenary group of the globalist seeking to pressure institution and industry to a point of change and transition with them taking influence and control. This is a quiet war and those who do not understand it are cheering on our enemies simple because their empathetic sensibilities have been pandered to.

This piece was inspired by this video

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