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Are you really leaving no one behind?

I have to ask. Is labeling someone and using a lab coat to reassure someone is different the best way to not leave anyone behind?

Or, is it a clever way to brand people so that they accept being left behind on the basis of being someone different as an inevitable reality?

Just look at how psychology and dialogistic are contributing to euthanasia. One of the symptoms of depression is suicide and now clinically they off the fulfillment of that symptoms expression.

I want to be clear, I understand the complexity of the mind along with the science that psychological diagnostics and applied therapies. I am not deny one's psychosis or diagnosis but I am asking for people to maintain a critical eye.

On a diagnostic level, psychology has some major issue to admit and confront. Self administered surveys in not a reliable means of assessment and the creator of diagnostics methods admits to that reality.

One of my biggest beefs in recent times, like the example of depression above, was how parents could sell their children into autistic diagnostics for up to $75 000 a year. Income levels where a major factor here.

All it took was a child with idiosyncratic behaviour and poor parenting. Consider, what type of a parent must you be to sign your child into an unescapable medical diagnosis for person gains.

Clinical therapies are also of great concern. Misleading the masses through institutionalized communications is leading to a drug induces society. If you only know the population density on antidepressant.

Non the less. All industries are plagued with issues and are constantly evolving with methods and technics maturing by the day.

It boils down to organization or the people applying the appropriate pressures to ensuring and enshrining interest and intent be for the betterment of the people they serve and not 3rd party opportunists.

This is known as instructional and industrial based influential control. This is the control by or for the people, just a shame that so many have lost its conception and by extension its ownership.

Is it time to take our institutional control back. It start with thinking critically about what and how they are selling their services. CAMH offers much value to many people but It must be understood they work for us.

We are not subjects for them. and their pursuit of insights, nor is it a excuse.

This piece was inspired by this slogan

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