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Are you denying her identity

So a man can identify as a women but this women cannot identify as indigenous. I find this truly interesting considering someone identifying as a gender different from their own is a deny of biological reality. Biology is an absolute truth is communal enrollment and absolute truth.

For someone to be enrolled and identify as indigenous is takes little more than residency and self-identification in accordance in accordance to the First Nations Registration (Status) and Membership Research Report(1).

So based on the report this professor already is a legal first nations member. If she lives on a reserve I guess to deny her this identity would be a major legal issue. Wait, can the Reserve courts deny us access to the case? So this women's claimed identity can be put into doubt, where as, denied biological reality can't be questioned.

Is it not interest to think that we have to accept irrational claims of self by those who don't understand who they themselves are. Welcome to the danger zone! As I am still trying to figure out how biologist and psychologist are going to escape the psychopathy debate relative to the denial of biological realities.

Based on the standards that must be met she can identify as a first nation. To be honest what differentiates her claims from those of the Metis. If you are aware of the origin story of Metis this is not a first nations tribe but a French colonial practice. So they like she hold a membership based on self-identification.

It is not till the AFN sought to have play a role in colonizing Canada by another social pressuring by the social action by community members were Metis consider or granted tribe status. Is victimhood truly that equitable? I ask why do Metis choose to identify as the victim instead of the victor?

Going outside of the scope of this piece, I want people to see this charade of identity game is not about being but rather drawing from the gains realized through the equity of being a victim. Maybe if victimhood wasn't funded by the ill intended as a tool of exploitation people would once again want to identify with being a victory and go as far as pursuing it.

Most important be yourself and love the skin your in. Flaws and deviations from the norm is what make you uniquely wonderful so cherish it.

This piece was inspired by this article

Referenced material 1. The Why Perspective Content | IDIOM RADIO (Could Canada be the next South Africa)

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