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Are we saving the kids or rebranding the bad guy?

To those who are at the million march to save the kids with true interest and intention an expression that is pure I thank you and encourage you to stand strong against our enemies.

It is this notion of enemy which has me scratching my head. You are at this event pressuring government and the board of education to remove sexual orientation and gender curriculum. Who established the curriculum?

I could not agree more with this stance and pressuring for change. To teach a child such subjects prior to the ability of that child to comprehend such concepts is nothing more than the condition of children.

Condition through what is known as the neutralization of choice tied to the encouragement to explore a given choice. This is where institutional overlap takes place with media.

Here is a fact about the LGBT as a community and as an interest group. They are responsible for the curriculum that has poisoned the well of our education system but it is an Islamic leader that has been funding the LGBT for over 5 decades.

This funding is pursuant of complex social change. As this leader has stated: "culture is a new resource" and like all resources it will compete for market place dominance and supremacy. How convenient.

While the LGBT community has been pressuring for change this same Islamic leader has seized our institution of education through management deals. So basically the curriculum was position by Islam in pursuit of complex social change that leverages Islamic culture.

If you want to know more about the Canadian education system I recommend you check out Episode 2 of Is This Really News. Get to know who is really driving change in learning. Link below

Now with Islamic expansion being put into question by the likes of America and Europe, a rebranding must take place recharacterizing the villains as hero's. We have spent the last 5 decades rebranding the domestic population as villains and redefining self preservation as a form of hate.

So now we have Islam setting up an event that is exploiting children in order to rebrand themselves as a community. By pulling the heart stings of our empathetic sensibilities, those who have weaponized education against our children are now using our children to rebrand themselves as saviour of the children.

I know so many are out there with pure and true interest and intent and I wish for your expression to be heard and your pursuits to be realized and it will. If you pursuit is not realize Islam fails to rebrand.

Understand I am not wanting to take away from the event. I just think we must understand the nature, interest, and intent that sits behind the event and has made this event come to life.

We must understand principle causes of each and every given event. That way we can anticipate outcomes. Yes, we must save the kids because it is our responsibility to protect our children from risk and liability.

We cannot allow for an ill intended group of interventionists to take our responsibility and caring and use it against us as a branding strategy.

This is a community that allows for kids to be married off to adults. Under certain conditions they allow for rape and mutilation of children. They are not looking to save the kids, they are using our kids against us in order to reposition their agenda.

I leave you with this. To those scream and marching for our children, I stand with you shoulder-to-shoulder. But, I cannot march at an event created by those who are using our children as a bait and switch marketing gimmick.

Especially when the marketing is to hide how they have exploited and destroyed the minds of so many children. So lets save our kids from those who have been hurting them. That includes all interest groups (woke culture).


If you want to understand more about the funding of these interest groups (woke cuture) checkout The Why Perspective.

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