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Are the perverts seeking or are they being invited. Know the difference.

We have many issues and matters to address within our culture and the institutional pillars that define it. One of the major institutions of scaled and reprove is the Church.

Now there are many factors at play but the key one being that there are actors within the institution that are not of the cloth and do not reflect the institutions role and responsibility. These individuals are stains on the institution and its representation.

Offer a greater complexity to such scandals within the Church is the fact that culture is a resources seeking to dominate with supremacy. Kings and leaders have open shown distain for Jesus and the Church as like and King or leader they seek obedience and there are other more viable options when one's goals are as such.

Just take a moment to consider. Even if you hold Jesus are merely a historical figure like Babe Ruth, what Jesus represents is the father of freedom. During of time of Kings and Emperors, which is hereditary based systems.

He fought against it and died as symbol of the people. What makes him exceptional is the fact he as someone with such influence had no children to lay claim to lineage authority. He is and will always be the breakdown and breaking away from hereditary control.

With such a representation he stand in direct opposition with leaders interest and the forced continuation of their legacy or rather ownership. He is the antithesis of a monarch.

For that reason leaders during a generational shift seek to minimize or eliminate such characters from history. This is why it is incredibly important to be asking who is in charge? Is there anyone larking in the shadows pulling the puppets strings able to make the puppet(s) sing and dance the whole day long.

I am forced into asking this as we are coming to realize that there are many puppet and so few masters. When issues arise and change shows itself to be counterintuitive and counterproductive, the puppeteers than turn their toys into scapegoats and rebranding tools.

If we want change that can render a desired end-point we need to reveal the puppeteers, the masters, those who are truly at the helm. For when we fail to do so, these masters continue their disruption under new labels and methods.

The institution of the Church is on shack grounds at the moment plagued with scandals of perversions by unholy actors. I wander when and how did this institution turn from its intention or at least proclaimed intention.

When did it become infiltrated by perversion and perverts. How deep does the infiltration go? Are perverts seeking out institutional enrollment based on perceived opportunity of expression? Or, is the perversion within the institutions drawing the perverts in as a place of expression?

This is a key difference, especially when seeking to resolve such issues. Who are the stakeholders and who are the actors. Once again, I want to emphasize that scapegoats holding accountability will never facilitate resolve but rather the creation of new methods of approach.

Who and why are people protecting the poison within each and every institution within our system. Lets start establish a guilty by association clause. Oh wait, we do and that still does not work. We expose the centre fugal force or we continue this dance is destruction.

The choice is ours and it is our responsibility to clean the swamp that is the Church.

This piece was inspired by this article

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