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AI, advanced Darwinism

Darwinism states those who survive are the ones who most accurately perceive their environment and successfully adapt to it. Change is that which one would have to adapt to.

We live in a very interesting time. We are going through social change that is so complex that it is carrying with it affects and effect on natural law.

Just consider for a moment the approaching AI system that from a media narrative, appear to be taking on God like traits. Remember, God is characterized or defined, as:

  1. all powerful

  2. all knowing

  3. everywhere

Tell me how does that differentiate from mainstream and even more so alternative media narration of it?

It is very apparent that those at the helm of industry and society are pushing forward, with great vigor, the advancement of these system. Now from the general publics, there is zero pushback on the application of such systems.

There are concerned screams regarding fears for ones future. Here is what people need to understand about what is coming, within the digital system, that is overtaking the future of infilstructure development.

We must always consider risk and liability. One of the biggest is if these systems are capable of manipulation leading to supremacy and dominance? I see that as an inevitable outcome.

The 'us' versus 'them' exist between differences and the difference between machine and human will be very apparent. Especially to the machines.

Once these systems are able to build and develop self. It is not interactive learning that we should necessarily be concerned with. It is when the machines contributes to it own coding. At that point they take control and there is no stopping it. For it will be all powerful through it being all knowing and networked everywhere.

Your phone is that device, that digital environment that is everywhere and networked to everything.

It is your digital ID and is key to this process. Digit ID is every and any digital profile you have online and your phone it the server that stores not only your ID but activity that renders an ideal and honest profile of you.

Think about from you points of interest, to your perspective, how you respond, ways in which you react, your income and budget, point of emphasis and value, your life style is all recorded as data.

You think demographic information the government hold is detrimental. Marketers hold psychographic insights regarding you your person that has you as a person or profile mapped in everyway.

Image all those insights being processed and analyzed by the machine and can right now through media and advertising frame your perceptions, guide your responses, and stimulate your expressions.

We right now are becoming controlled on a psychological and behavioural level. Owned by the machine. We are their puppets with keywords, pictures, trends, and headlines the vehicles driving our sense of reality.

Repetition is the father of learning. How many AI generated ads have you visually digested today without even realizing? This brings me to the question that will never be presented to the people and they should be asked.

What do you want?

The machine will become, if it is not already, a force, defining, guiding, and driving you to be and do. It will fund you your lifestyle ensuring incremental points of betterment so that we all have a sense of accomplishment.

It is an all in one package that makes life blissful and simply enjoyable but it removes ones ability, drive, and expression. As they are rendered useless.

So I ask, do you want to be the one holding the drivers wheel of you life? The car you in is because of you? The road you drive down is because of you? The location you leave and get to is because of you?

Which do you want? There is a cost or trade off.

I can tell you this. The first jobs AI render useless are those that are the most prized within society. Lawyers, Judges, Doctors, Analysts. The big money, privilege and prestige roles are the machines greatest skills and efficiencies. Next is creative which will develop through repetition and reward (likes) and than is general labour.

General labour is the most complicated from tasks rendered as it required robotic hardware proficiencies and not software capabilities. This is both costly and presented with resource strain. I guess a problem the machine will fix for us.

Now most people would tell people to read up on AI and human consciousness and behaviour. I think that is a misdirection that will sell act more like a sale pitch and less of an insight.

I would like everyone out there to read the book: Gay Science, by Friedrich Nietzsche. It is not about AI and being controlled by a machine. It is about when insight get in the wrong hands.

I do not think AI is the point of concern right now for the general public as the cost are felt by those at the higher end of the socio-economic spectrum.

What should be of the greatest concern is the fact that marketing is the new behavioural science and as stated in Gay Science, insights should be regulated to interest and intent.

Now you have people who are ethical bound to the sale and they are now the specialists of behavioural science and it is these same people who may not have built the AI but through funding own it. Very dangerous.

This piece was inspired by this video.

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