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A sales pitch that illustrates nothing has been learned

The big bad wold over the last 2 or so years has been large scale pharmaceuticals and I don't disagree. I call for season 2 of the Nuremberg trials all the time.

But all it takes is an ad campaign and some marketing material for all to be forgotten or at least the article linked down below illustrates.

The title is: Testosterone Shots Made Me Feel Reborn.

That is great I wonder how cancer is going to feel. I know, I know how dare I say such a thing but it is true. You manipulate hormones from a natural level you end up with cancer and any honest medical professional will tell you that.

So they are selling you hormones to make you feel great today knowing it will create cancer and than selling you cancer therapy tomorrow to make you feel great resolving the cancer.

Are people really this naïve and gullible? When you lack convictions and live off of trends, you will believe and accept anything being pitched.

It is as if we have leant nothing from these last 2 years and the article conveys how these pharma companies see the general population - a financial target who buys into anything.

The only one who is capable of change the perspectives of these company and advertisers and markets is we the people. Start taking responsibility for your own critical thinking and stop being played by a cheap ad campaign.

There is so much to learn but what is being proven is so little is retained. I know we are better than this and it is for us to show it.

This piece was inspired by this article

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