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A proxy war that positions our allies as enemies

If I am not mistaken buy America was running an offensive on Haitian land. I do not know enough about the conflict to state an opinion on it but I do know that America is our greatest ally.

So is claim of gang violence as the vehicle driving our involvement, I am left wondering is gangs synonym for America? Who else is involved in this Haitian American conflict? Which side of the gang violence are we taking sides with any why? Why are we involved in a foreign nations domestic problems such as gangs?

I do find it interesting that aircraft would be used for gang violence in Haiti. Why does our domestic police services have access to the same resources to combat violent African gangs in our own homeland? You did important them under the guise of assistance and aid.

I have said it before and I will say it again, Canada's first and last line of defence has be seized by the Persian 4th Reich. It is the agenda of the Reich to topple America and by extension freedom.

They are pursuant of hereditary control of the cultural and industrial based sectors. With a labour market rooted in volunteerism - you're not a slave, you are a volunteer. Or so the fools will scream marching into an abyss.

As Canadians we need to place a special attention of who leaders are defining the 'us' versus 'them' and who truly sits behind empty labels. We are about to fight those we identify the most with.

We have been dumbed down and radicalized against our own family. I think every level headed patriot see America as a family member. Remember, if America falls as do the freedoms shared around the world.

This piece was inspired by this article

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