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2 Paths Leading to the Same endpoint - Destination Reich

Interesting how all members in the house stood and cheered. Amazing how blatant a presentation it take for the many to realize and understand the world around them.

Why is it that most require direct in your face expression for realization? Why is comprehension of events limited to a descriptive expression? Why does delving into causal analysis have the many turn away from a presentation?

These tendencies have allowed for 3rd party interventionist manipulate us with continuous schemes such as bait and switch. branding, rebranding, and characterizing new.

As a student I was asked continuously, how do you redefine a hero as a villain and a villain as a hero. I extend and simply it with asking, what role does victimhood play in transitioning from one role to the other?

The answer to this question is understood by many who are ethical bound to manipulating you in the name 3rd party clients interests and intent. Marketers are now framing perceptions, guiding responses, and stimulating expressions.

They are using behavioural science to achieve these goals. This is who has us screaming the slogans and marching to the trends setout by those you claim hate.

We must wake up as this is the final stretch. From institution to industry we have been had by the enemy and now they are parading their identity out in the open and cheering for it.

Lets all realize that actions speak louder than words and lets these leaders, stakeholders, and actors, be held accountable for their actions.

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